Our Company

House Van Holland is a California based studio primarily specializing in wood products for the home.  Since its founding in 2011, our team has explored an array of materials and construction techniques to create an assortment of projects including residential furniture, restaurant builds, hotel accessories and more.

After much consideration, we've decided to take everything we've learned in the business of design and manufacturing and apply our experience to a new innovation for the home. 

Our new collection includes an ongoing series of modular, wood carved wall panels and vertical casegoods to help you design a custom experience for any home or workspace.  Easy to install, easy to remove and its arrangements are limited to only your imagination.


Our Team

Aaron VH  Founder / Creative / Sales

Aaron learned the value of craftsmanship at an early age.  Growing up on the family farm in Oregon imparted a resilient work ethic while century old barns and rusty machinery formed his appreciation for utilitarian design.

Claribelle VH  Financials / Strategy

Claire is a creative first, who just happens to like crunching numbers.  She is a true 50% left brain, right brain split.  She also helps other creative businesses achieve financial autonomy at her firm, the CV Ledger.

Morgan A   Production / Photography

Morgan's diverse diy experience and eagerness to learn new skills makes him an invaluable jack-of-all-trades in the shop and on our photoshoots.  You can find more of his camera work at Morgan Ayres Photography.



It all started with a barn.  My grandfather's century old barn provided us the reclaimed wood that we developed our first product collection under the brand M.F.E.O.  Our first series of furniture and home accessories featured minimal, modern lines while paired with rustic, natural materials carried our business for over five years.