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Modular, wood-carved wall panels and vertical furniture solutions

How KARVD works

KARVD modular wood wall panels & interlocking casegoods

enable you to design a custom experience for any size wall.


Using our proprietary mounting system of backplates and "H" links,

installation is quick, easy and only requires a Phillips screwdriver.*


Our collection of decorative panels simply slide on and lock down to the backplates.

panels rotate in all four directions providing you even more customized design options.


The same designs featured on our decorative wall panels are also applied to the doors of our casegoods.

Cases include a built-in backplate enabling cabinets and decorative panels to be used interchangeably.


*A Phillips screwdriver is all that is required for standard drywall installation.

If you happen to place an anchor hole over a wood stud, you will need a handheld drill. Use the included wood screw in place of the anchor.

For installation on walls made of other materials (brick, tile, etc) you will require alternative anchors/tools available at your local hardware store.