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Modular, wood-carved wall panels and vertical furniture solutions


Installing Panels



Easy, breezy!  Installation only requires a screwdriver.*



Step 1




Once you've finished unpacking your House VH shipment, begin by separating each panel from its backplate.

the panel can be unlocked by sliding it vertically off of the backplate.

The backplate is upright when the small mounting hole is above the "H" link.



Step 2




Hold a backplate up to wall and position it where you'd like your first panel to be hung.



Step 3




insert a sharpened pencil through the hole on the backplate and draw a circle.



Step 4




Set the backplate Aside and using your screwdriver, place the cone shaped anchor onto the drywall where your mark is located.  Press the threaded anchor firmly against the wall as you screw it into the drywall.



Step 5





Return the backplate to the wall, align the screw hole with the anchor hole and attach using your screwdriver.



Step 6




If installing more than one panel, remove the "H" link from the center and insert it into one of the four side pockets, depending on which direction you plan to hang your next backplate.



Step 7




Position the second backplate by placing it onto the link and then referrencing the embedded level. Mark the wall with your pencil just as before.



Step 8




Set the second backplate aside and install its anchor.



Step 9




Return the second backplate and screw it onto its anchor.  Repeat this process until you've completed your layout.



Step 10




Hold a panel a few inches above the backplate and align the two as you slide the panel down.  The backplate's two t-caps will slip into the panel's keyholes. Pull the panel down until its edges line up with the backplate. 

TIP: When installing multiple rows be sure to hang panels starting with the bottom row first, working your way up to the top row.


*A Phillips screwdriver is all that is required for standard drywall installation.

If you happen to place an anchor hole over a wood stud, you will need a handheld drill. Use the included wood screw in place of the anchor.

For installation on walls made of other materials (brick, tile, etc) you will require alternative anchors/tools available at your local hardware store.